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darcissistic's Journal

6 April
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I mainly created this account to see if I could coerce anyone to role play with me. I know it's a dying art and that many people don't do this anymore,but I have been inspired to seek out this fun activity once more. I am twenty-five years old, happily married, and living with three cats and a dog. I absolutely adore Pride and Prejudice. That being said, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Austen. Not such a bad lot in life.

Please hit me up if you're interested in post-by-post, third person roleplays. I am looking for long-term partners and wish to work collaboratively on a "sequel" to Pride and Prejudice, beginning with the first day the Darcys are wed. Has it been done before? Yes. Do I think you and I could create a better one? Sure! We'll see. xD